[EXPIRED] Funkoverse Strategy Games and Expansions are On Sale at GameStop Today

If you ever wondered just how diabolical Funko is, look no further than their very well designed (to take our money) Funkoverse strategy game and figure / character expansions. Drawing on their ability to produce amazing vinyl figures, they’ve produced sets of game characters with unique abilities. Rose from the Golden Girls vs. a Jurassic Park Raptor? Ron Weasley vs. Morty? This is happening.

We’re seeing sales on these pop up fairly consistently, and the selection varies. Today’s sale specifically includes DC 101 and Golden Girls 100 for $7.48 each; Harry Potter 100, DC 100, Jurassic Park 100, Golden Girls 101, Harry Potter 101, and Rick and Morty 100 for $15.00 each.