Pay What You Want (Min $1) for the Humble Dungeons, Mazes & Barrows RPG Book Bundle

Humble Bundle is back with an amazing pay-what-you-want bundle for tabletop RPG gamers. Get 9 DRM-free RPG eBooks (PDF format) for a minimum of $1, pay $8 or more and get a total of 21 books, and $15+ will get you 37! Proceeds support the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

9 DRM-free RPG eBooks (PDF format)
$1+ Tier – 9 DRM-free RPG eBooks (PDF format)

The $1+ Tier gets you Decks of Dirty Tricks I, Horror Out of Hagsjaw, Last Crypt, World Setting Updated World Map, A Leeward Stone, Bastion of Rime and Salt, Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride, The Outpost, and Vakhund Into the Unknown.

$8+ Tier
$8+ Adds 12 more DRM-free RPG eBooks (PDF format)

Pay $8 or more to add Dirty Bowbe’s Roadhouse V. 3, Black Spot, Book of Taverns V. 1, Dead Man’s Chest, Deck of Dirty Tricks II, Lighthouse Anan-Marath, Rocky Cape, Sinful Whispers, Monkey Business, Red Lenny’s Famous Meat Pies, The Dogs of War, and Quick Threats and Side Treks.

$15 Tier
$15 Adds 16 mor e DRM-free RPG eBooks (PDF format)

Paying $15 or more will get the whole lot of 37 books, adding Art of Sea Kings Malice, Deck of Dirty Tricks III, Ecology of Sahuagin, Poster PDF of Sea King’s City, Poster PDF Sea Kings Ship Maps, Sea Kings Malice, Sea Kings Malice Monster Appendix, Barrowmaze, A Drinking Problem, Skeletons of the Illyrian Fleet, Storming the Queens’ Desire, Tales of the Old Margreve, The Sunken Library of Qezzit Quire, Under Dark and Misty Ground, The Hallowed Ring, and the The Pestilent.