Get Everything You Need to Create Your Own Video Games on iOS, Android, and Steam in the Humble Game Creator Bundle

We all play enough games to develop our own ideas about what we would do if ever given the chance to design or develop our own video game. Just a handful of years ago, the prospect of doing such a thing was only a dream for most of us. Development software like 001 Game Creator, and asset packs have far enough these days that for just a little spend, any of us can realize our game dev dreams- even publishing them to some of the most popular systems like App Stores and Steam.

For $30 you’ll get more assets than you’ll ever need along with some of the most intuitive and easy to use game development and asset editing software available. If you don’t need 001 Game Creator or Pixelmash, you can get started with visual and audio assets for just $1 or more.

Here’s the full tier breakdown:

Pay $1 or more to get Tales Of The Far East Music, 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. 3 Graphics, Sci-Fi Backgrounds Backgrounds, Seraph Circle Monster Pack I Battlers, PVGames Sci-Fi Game Assets Graphics, 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. 2 Graphics, RPG Battlers 2nd 50 Monsters Battlers, Horror City Sprite Pack 1 Sprites, and CyberPop Interior Tiles Tileset.

Beat the Average price (about $23 will do it… but really just spend the full $30 at this point) to get Japanese School Interior Game Assets Graphics, Batting Center Game Assets Graphics Humble Exclusive, Inspirational Music Pack Vol 1 Music, Seraph Circle Monster Pack II Battlers, RPG Battlers 3rd 50 Monsters Battlers, RPG Battlers 5th 50 Monsters Shades of Battle Battlers, Horror City Sprite Pack 2 Sprites, Forest Graveyard Game Assets Graphics, Retro Music Pack Music, 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. 1 Graphics, RPG Battlers 1st 50 Monsters Battlers, and Pixel Animations And Effects Graphics.

At the $25 tier (again, just add $5 to get everything at the $30 tier) you’ll add Train Station Game Assets Graphics, RPG Battlers 4th 50 Monsters Battlers, RPG Battlers 6th 50 Monsters Evolution Battlers, Horror City Sewer & Factory Tiles Tileset, Inspirational Music Pack Vol 2 Music, Badass Bosses Monster Pack Battlers Humble Exclusive, Survival Horror Music Mega-Pack Vol.2 Music, 2.5D Medieval Buildings Vol. 2 Graphics, Medieval Music Pack Music, 2.5D Medieval Buildings Vol. 1 Graphics, Sci-Fi Foes Monster Pack Battlers, Japanese Urban Accessories Pack Tileset, Creature Feature SFX Music, Classical Adventure Music, and Kanagawa Game Assets Graphics.

Finally at the $30+ tier (we told you it was a ton of stuff) you’ll get everything, including Locked contentOmega Modern Graphics Pack Graphics, Japanese Arcade Game Assets + Music Graphics, Nightmares Music Pack Music, Dragon’s Den Resource Pack Music, 001 Game Creator Software, Inspirational Music Pack Vol 3 Music, Inspirational Music Pack Vol 4 Music, Fantasy Beasts Monster Pack Battlers, Madness Music Pack Music, Mythos: Reawakening Graphics, Grand Adventure Music Mega Pack Music, 2.5D Monsters: Daemonum Infernum Graphics, Horror City Tile Pack Tileset, Seraph Circle Monster Pack III Battlers, 2.5D Nature Pack Vol. 1 Graphics, tPixelmash Software, PV Games Humble Bundle Exclusive Pack Battlers, Humble Exclusive, and 16-Bit Fantasy Action Music Pack Music, Humble Exclusive.