In Stock Alert: Monoprice 34-Inch CrystalPro Curved 21:9 Ultra-Wide Monitor: $299.99

At long last, the Monoprice 34in. CrystalPro Curved 21:9 Ultra-Wide Monitor is finally in stock and ready to ship for only $299.99. Even though this is the retail price for Monoprice’s latest ultra-wide monitor, it’s simply an unbeatable deal.

This $299.99 wonder includes 1-year PixelPerfect warranty and is packing a Samsung LSM340VP01 panel, 2560 x 1080p resolution, 75Hz refresh (OC to 100Hz), a VESA mount, height adjustable stand, and DVI, HDMI, and Displayport inputs. The only strike it gets is a 6.5ms response time.

The hype surrounding this monitor at this price point is likely to sell out this initial production run, but we’ll keep you posted whenever it’s in stock.