Woot’s 16th Birthday Event is Live With Daily Deals and Offers Through July 29th!

We’ve got an inside line of many of the deals Woot’s dropping for their 16th Birthday, and we’ve identified plenty of tech and game deals for the discerning bargaineer to take advantage of through July 29th. While not specifically a “game deal” provider on the whole, Woot! regularly offers limited quantity video games, consoles, computer gear, peripherals, and toys at deeply discounted prices. And now that Woot! is owned by Amazon, Prime members get free shipping- all the time, not just during the birthday sale.

July 13th brings us the Woot! Birthday Deal-O Meter, the final days of the Woot! Yard Sale, and the beginning of Woot’s Birthday Liquidation Event. This includes some crazy deals on unlocked Apple iPhones, Apple AirPods Pro for $214.99, and many more non-gaming deals.

On July 14th, my absolute favorite Woot! deals are happening – the Bag O’ Crap (BOC)! In fact, the very first Woot! Bag Of Crap I ever bought included an entirely unexpected Logitech USB gamepad that I still use to play emulated retro games to this day. Woot’s Totally Fantastic Pricing Event also kicks off with special deals on several HP laptops and a pair of Altigo Wireless BT Headphones for $17.99.

July 15th continues offering BOC’s for one more day. It will also give us a large assortment of deeply discounted HP monitors. We’re talking gaming, curved, wide, and even some bargain models that start at just $61.99.

Woot! staff picks start on the 16th and the massive Woot-Off event is on the 17th. If you’ve never worn out an F5 button on a Woot-Off, this is your chance to get acquainted properly. The most limited and greatest savings Woot! items are shown one at a time until each sells out, then gets replaced by a new item, all day long.

These are just the deals we’ve been granted a sneak peek into, and we expect much more to come from this week’s Woot! Birthday Event kickoff. We’ll be sure to keep this post updated and break out any individually spectacular gaming deals in our usual format.

Happy hunting and good luck with those Bags Of Crap!