All the Flavor, None of the Calories. DGD Reviews Go Nuts for Donuts!, a Fast-Paced Family-Friendly Card Game.

Honestly, who doesn’t like donuts? Glazed, filled, iced, powdered– all amazing. Even the leftover holes are indulgent pastry perfection. They could only be better if they didn’t have calories, right? Well, feast your eyes upon Go Nuts for Donuts!, a quick-playing card game that’s fun for all members of your family or gaming group!

Another gaming family introduced us to this little treat a couple of years ago. Despite how much we all enjoyed it (and despite one of our daughters constantly asking to play it), Go Nuts for Donuts! didn’t rise to the top of our game purchase list until this past Christmas.

Available at most big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart, Go Nuts for Donuts! regularly sells out because of its popularity and low retail price. At around $15, it’ll only set you back the cost of an actual box of assorted donuts.

The game is so simple and quick that it has earned a spot at our dining table during weekday lunch breaks. You can play with 2-6 players, and we find it’s more challenging the more people you have. The box says ages 8+, but I think a six year old could definitely get the hang of it. 

Setup takes seconds as drawn donut cards are set out before everyone to choose from, each assigned to a numbered marker. Every player gets numbered cards that correspond with the donut numbers, 1~5 for a four-player game. Being careful to keep number cards hidden, players visually peruse the selection of donuts offered up each round. Each delicacy has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are worth straight points, some require a set to amass points, others subtract points but offer you an advantage or special action. Milk and coffee cards can even combat other cards or conditions. 

Go Nuts for Donuts!

Once you’ve decided on the donut you want, you secretly choose the number from your hand that corresponds with the donut of your choice. All players place their number card face down and reveal at the same time. Any donut that was chosen by more than one player is discarded. If you were lucky enough to be the only player opting for your particular donut– congratulations, you just bought yourself a donut. All other unselected donuts remain on the table unless discarded by a special card action.

The game ends when you no longer have enough cards in the stockpile to fully replenish the donut selection. Players add up (or sometimes subtract) their points, and the most points wins. Easy-peasy, even for young children.

Go Nuts for Donuts! really is a simple, fun and quick game. Great for little ones playing by themselves or as a family over lunch. Our family saw similarities to Sushi GO, another family-favorite. Go Nuts for Donuts! doesn’t seem to need quite the same level of strategy that Sushi GO does, making it better for younger players. 

The only problem we have found with Go Nuts for Donuts! is that we all crave real donuts when we play!